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Specialist recruiter since 2003

Paramount’s recruitment expertise spans over 19 years and with offices in the USA and UK, we are perfectly positioned to offer a truly global solution for our clients and candidates. Our brand ambassador approach and candidate engagement process can be tailored to each clients’ vision and needs. This has proven to be highly successful with our clients ranging from global network organisations to independent agencies.

If you’re looking to build your team, or you are interested in developing your career within the Healthcare Advertising, Medical Communications, Market Access, Drug Discovery and Genomics industries within the USA, UK and worldwide, learn more and get in touch.

Healthcare Advertising

Healthcare advertising encompasses the delivery of a whole range of advertising media from traditional print, radio and TV ads to outside advertising and online promotional platforms.

Market Access

Successfully getting cutting-edge therapeutics to market is a multi-faceted process, which involves working across multiple activities in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Genomics and Bioinformatics

Science and technology are increasingly linked and such as cutting edge of modern medicine development and finding cure for diseases with the analysis of genomics data.

Medical Communications

Often shortened as 'Med Comms' is about the communication of medical and scientific data and information.

Drug Discovery

Paramount have been building world class therapeutics discovery and multi-disciplinary R&D teams.

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Healthcare Communications Salary Survey Report Now Available!

Our 4th annual Healthcare Communications Salary Survey report is now available to download. This report provides an invaluable insight into the salaries, benefits, views and challenges within the Healthcare Communications sector.

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Genomics & Bioinformatics Salary Survey Report Now Available!

Our 4th annual Genomics & Bioinformatics Salary Survey report is now available to download. The report provides some useful insights, as well to assist you in developing your own career or to make your company's recruitment more effective.

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