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2015: a year of development in HEOR and Market Access recruitment?

Moving into 2015, the HEOR and Market Access industry is looking to be one of movement with plenty of new opportunities arising from a talent acquisition point of view.

This was always going to be the case with more consultancies adapting to offer the demands of the market and having to produce a variety of services and specialisms to keep up with client’s requests.  With the difficulty of getting new drugs to market Pharmas are looking for specialists to give them the edge in this competitive market space. As the demand for these services increases the need for talent in this field becomes essential.

It is interesting to see the shift from in house teams to outsourcing increasing as Pharmaceutical companies continue to reduce headcount and the high level of M&A’s being completed. That being said there is still a high demand for top talent in the industry creating a competitive and fluid market place. With R&D budgets reducing and fewer Blockbuster drugs in the pipeline we can expect to see more M&A activity over the coming years as the large Pharmas look to buy guaranteed pipeline rather than develop it.

This year there is also the General Election to contend with and depending on the outcome the funding for new medicines is unknown. The last election provided us with the CDF (Cancer Drugs Fund) what other funding could we see in this election. This has meant that Pharmaceutical companies have had the opportunity to have their drugs re-evaluated following new evidence to support their case [1]. There is also a call for a review of NICE as some think it is heavily influenced by a small number of Health Economists.

Whatever the outcome this year’s proving to be an exciting one for the HEOR and Market Access arena and Consultancies and Pharmaceutical companies will need to cultivate their talent pools if they are going to win in this highly competitive market.

If any professionals would like to discuss the market and their potential options further, or any companies would like a consultative discussion regarding the best way to build a strong talent pipeline in this rapidly changing market, feel free to get in touch.

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3rd March

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