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26.8% gender pay gap in UK Genomics

The average salary for a male worker in the UK Genomics sector is 26.8% higher than the average female salary. This gender pay gap is higher than that in the USA where males earn 19% more than females and in the average of all other countries in the survey where the gap is 12.7%

These gender pay gaps are one of the key findings from the Genomics Industry Workforce survey report published this week by Front Line Genomics and Paramount Recruitment.

The Workforce insights survey compiled responses from 1,235 professionals currently working in the Genomics industry in 48 countries worldwide.

In the UK, the median male salary of £43,285 is 26.8% higher than the median female salary (£34,150).


When the salaries of males and females are analysed by their age, function and role, we can see where the salary gap is most pronounced.  There is no gap at the 18-24 age group where both males and females have identical median base salaries of £27,500.  The gap starts to show in the 25-34 age group where males earn 8.7% more than females and then in the 35-44 age range where males earn 15.8% more than females.  The gap peaks at the 55 to 64 age range where males earn 33.3% more than females.

When we look at individual’s roles then we can see that the largest difference between male and female pay is for Directors (males earn 56% more than females) and for Managers (males earn 30% more).

Paramount Recruitment Director Eugene McDaid said

We are encouraged that there is pay parity at the 18-24 age group and also that 63% of recent entrants (less than 2 years’ experience) are women. However, it is very disappointing to such a high gender pay disparity at managerial levels. We rarely encounter females in senior management positions and we encourage companies to encourage and develop more women into senior positions. High profile role models such as Dame Sally Davies (Chief Medical Officer for England) and Emma Walmsley (CEO for GSK) can play an important role in this development.”

The full report of the survey provides some fascinating details including the gender pay gap in the UK and USA, average salaries earnt within each function/role and the average pay rise anticipated this year.

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20th March

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