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Are you living the dream?

What's the dream job within Healthcare Communications? Who is the most satisfied, how much are they paid, how are they managed and what benefits do they receive? Our 2019 salary and insight survey asked all the questions and we share the answers....

In May 2019, nearly 650 Healthcare Communications professionals completed our Salary and Workforce Insight survey.  We asked a wide range of questions about their current roles and their work expectations, and have been able to develop a thorough understanding of salaries, benefits and motivations.

Here is a brief summary of the “dream” job in Healthcare Communications:


The most favourite work benefit is the ability to work from home.   Forget enhanced pension, or company cars, the healthcare comms professional of 2019 really values the ability to work from home, and over 35% of our survey can do this whenever they want (up from 30% last year).  Over 75% have some form of ability to work from home – but it is really noticeable that the flexibility to do this whenever it is wanted is what appeals the most – and is the first key part of the dream job.


Working within a business that provided a positive working environment and a supportive culture is rated as very important by more than 57% of the survey.  Being part of a friendly team with supportive management makes a real difference to Healthcare Communications professionals.  Many mentioned the provision of free on-site wellness resources and personal development funding as specific examples of how employers can go the extra mile to create that “dream” environment.


Having interesting, challenging and satisfying work was rated as important or very important by 96% of the survey.  Healthcare Communications professionals value the fact that their work can often lead to improvements in people’s lives and they enjoy being involved in new and exciting healthcare developments.  Having autonomy / trust / responsibility to undertake work with minimal interference or intrusion is mentioned by many as what they value the most as well.


Healthcare Communications professionals don’t work for free!  A healthy basic salary comes fourth on the list of the most important factors when considering a new role.  The average salary for UK writers is £42,883 and those working in client services earn an average of £49,797.  When we look into “dream” territory, our highest salary earned by a principal medical writer is £85,000 and one client services director has a basic of £110,000.  Bonuses are received by more than 70% and are the third most popular benefit given by employers.


Having the opportunity to progress and develop is the fifth most important factor for Healthcare Communications professionals.  With over 30% of the industry looking for their next career move over the forthcoming 12 months, having a career where your employer proactively supports you through promotion opportunities so that you don’t have to job hunt to get the progression you want should not just be a dream!

In summary, if you have a job that ticks all the points above then you could already be living your dream!

However, if you’re actually working in a nightmare (we heard from employees who feel undervalued, have not have a pay rise for several years and have so much workload that they feel stressed), it’s time to wake up and make the dream job happen for you.  With the vast majority of employers in the sector looking to hire more people in 2019/20 than they did last year, its the right time to do something about it.

So, if you want advice on how to get your dream job then fill in your details below to send to our expert Healthcare Communications recruitment team.

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