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Candidate feedback survey 2014

Here at Paramount Recruitment we recently launched a survey asking our candidates what they think about the service we offer. We sent the survey to the candidates who have been submitted for a job in the past 12 months with a personal email from Talent Director and Co-founder Eugene McDaid…

Paramount send out a survey to clients and candidates annually because we are a company that are constantly improving the quality of our service and we strive to work within our values therefore both our candidate and client feedback surveys have been essential to our growth and company ethos.

823 candidates took part in the survey and 23% rated our overall service as excellent and 45% rated our service as good. When compared to previous surveys, the rating for overall service from our candidates has dipped slightly from 2012 but is still significantly higher than results from 2011.

We then asked our candidates what their opinions were regarding the individual service elements (results rated excellent/good):

  • Communication Skills                     75%
  • Suitability of Vacancies                   72%
  • Speed of Response                         69%
  • Knowledge of Staff                          69%

We then asked candidates if they would recommend our services to a friend or a colleague with a simple yes or no option…

79% of candidates said yes – when compared to results from the 2011 survey, the paramount recommendation level has increased significantly. Respondents were asked for areas in which they think Paramount could improve their service resulting in a very large focus on more proactive communication and more feedback on progress of applications.
Finally Candidates were asked to comment on the service they received which we are happy to share…

“Your service was vastly superior to any other agency I have come across. Your staff had clear knowledge of the field in which they recruited – a rare commodity. The level of communication between myself and your recruiters was excellent. Just keep up the good work.”

“Stopped communicating with me after the interview process – I still have no idea if I ever got the job!”

“One piece of advice I would offer is that recruiters should always bear in mind that the people using you as candidates now could well be the same people using you as clients in the future; what makes Paramount good is that you seem to understand this and care about developing long-term relationships rather than just making your fee and moving on to the next placement.  You deserve credit for that.”

As a result of the candidate feedback survey, the Paramount consultants are implementing processes so that candidates are contacted on a regular basis. We will also be stressing to our clients how important it is to give feedback on individual candidates, even if they are not selected for a role, so that we can give more useful and proactive support to these candidates in their job-seeking activity and improve the candidate experience.

 Thank you for taking an interest in our candidate feedback survey for 2013 and 2014. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think about our survey!

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16th June

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