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At Paramount recruitment, we pride ourselves on bringing together ambitious candidates and inspired businesses to help connect the ideas that are advancing the sector throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. We know what it’s like to be looking for a new job, whether you have just graduated or have been in the industry for years and are looking for your next challenge, we aim to make this process as easy as possible for you by understanding your needs and getting to know you. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our candidates have said about their experience with us:

“I got exactly the type of job I was looking for!”

Jennifer works as a Scientific Copyeditor for a Scientific Publisher:

“My main responsibilities as a scientific copyeditor are editing the journal submissions for different papers that get submitted. I edit them, make sure they make sense and that the English is up to scratch and also ensure that they fit with the journal style.

This is my first role in the industry after studying micro-biology at university (I have no experience in a writing or editing position) and is what I wanted to do. It’s an entry-level position but it’s exactly what I set out to get when I started looking for a job. It’s a really interesting position and as it’s for a scientific journal, all the different papers are on moving-forward science and discovering new things. The people I work with are really nice and all really friendly and no two days are the same.

I found Paramount really helpful. They helped me to prep for the interview and sent me all the relevant information. They were also very quick to respond and follow up whenever I needed something.”

“Paramount really understood me.”

Shruti works as a Medical Writer for a Full-Service Creative Agency:

“I’ve recently started working as a Medical Writer and at some point I’ll have some management responsibilities as well, but since I’m quite new to this organisation I wanted to start as a medical writer for the first six months and then see how it goes before I progress to managing a team. Jessica was really helpful in negotiating these factors with the company.

I have about one and half years’ experience in the UK in this field and I’m really passionate about the role. I enjoy the challenges and the creative work in medical writing in general. I love the instructional design part and how to overcome the challenges. It’s how to make the boring day-to-day more interactive that keeps me going. I get great job satisfaction from this.

It’s also a really interesting job to have as I have to learn about the condition the patient is suffering from and then think about how I can make it ‘a real life patient’ and not just something on paper.

The good thing about Paramount is that they really understood me and my employer as well. Jessica put a lot of effort into understanding what I needed from my role and understanding the difficulties and challenges I would face. She also knew exactly what I was looking for and got a clear picture of what I wanted. She then helped me to negotiate with the employer as well and explained clearly to me what the employer is about – the kind of work they do and how it will match the work I do. The work I’m doing is not traditional med comms, it’s quite different and other recruiters I have met in the past don’t understand this. Paramount clearly know their clients as well as their candidates.”

“Paramount were really helpful and really attentive to my needs.”

Annabelle is a Scientific Copyeditor at a Scientific Publisher:

“My role is to edit and correct grammar of scientific articles. I also need to be able to structure them and understanding the methods and experiments involved in the papers conducted by the authors who have written the papers.

Usually I aim to edit two papers a day but occasionally I work on what’s called ‘cleans’ which is still editing a paper but, it’s getting all the queries that have been sent to an author of the paper and putting these responses back into the paper. If I’m not working on cleans then I aim to read 10 papers a week.

I enjoy the routine of the job in that I know I’ll be editing papers each day but then the papers are different and the routine varies slightly so I’m never doing the same thing over and over again. It motivates you, along with the targets that you aim for.

A lot of the experiments in the papers I am quite familiar with already as I have a degree in Bio chemistry, but the best thing about this company is that there’s such a variety of people with different backgrounds, so if you need any help with something there’s always someone there.

Jessica from Paramount was really lovely, she’s very friendly and she also found out a lot of information about the company benefits. I had questions and about the company and the role and she was great in contacting the company regarding any queries I had. I was really impressed with Paramount, they were really helpful and really attentive to my needs.”

We want to achieve successful outcomes for all of our clients and candidates. If you are looking for your next challenge have a look at our latest vacancies or just send us your CV.

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23rd November

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