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How do the best candidates get placed?

Here at Paramount Recruitment, we have been asked by our clients and candidates to participate in a variety of different surveys in order to get a better understanding of what’s happening in the markets we specialise in.

They told us that the following were the top three areas in which they were interested in knowing:

  • What do candidates think of my Employer Brand?
  • What salary increase are candidates expecting this year?
  • How are companies attracting the best candidates?

In a survey of candidates who have applied for or been placed in a job in the past 12 months, we asked how they found out about their current jobs and how they found out about their previous jobs to determine how recruitment methods and media have changed.

The results proved to be very interesting with 26.8% (of the 834 candidates who took part) had heard about their current job from a personal contact whereas 2.38% had heard about their previous job via a personal contact. Word of mouth is becoming a significant way of getting a new job!

24% of candidates had been head-hunted for their current job, a large increase from 14.7% that had been head-hunted previously. 18.7% applied directly on an employer website – a small increase on previous results.
All methods of advertising have seen a drop in the percentage of candidates finding a role through that method, including social media adverts (which was a surprising result). The survey results confirm the increasing use of head-hunting for specialist skills.


Here is the graph to show our results:

Thank you for reading our survey results, please feel free to comment and share!
Written by Christina D’Cruze, Business Apprentice for Paramount Recruitment

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11th August

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