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How to kickstart your January job search

Traditionally January is one of the most popular times to launch a new job search as hiring becomes a major priority amongst businesses. It’s a time where many businesses have set new plans for the forthcoming year which include new goals, projects and hiring budgets.

While that might be a typical January, this past year has been anything but normal. COVID-19 has put many plans on hold creating lots of uncertainty, making it harder to determine what to expect about the year ahead. However, there is lots of hope that hiring activity will be recommencing in 2021 creating greater confidence within the job market. 

So, if you’ve set ‘find a new job’ on your new year’s resolution list or are thinking about a career move then we’ve listed some ways to help you kickstart your job search this January.

Update your LinkedIn profile page
Although CV’s are still powerful, a LinkedIn profile works differently. Used appropriately, it can be a very effective way to raise your profile as well as providing a great opportunity for networking with those with similar attributes and goals. Many recruiters can look at your profile to see if your experience matches up with your CV. You should consider becoming active on LinkedIn and here are some ways to get started:
                                   - Include key words in your profile such as account management or copywriting
                                   - Join groups relevant to your career or interests
                                   - Post regular status updates about key trends within your preferred industry
                                   - Include a link to your profile on your CV
                                   - Get your current and previous employer to leave a recommendation

Practice interview questions
For some it may have been a while since you have been interviewed so practicing some interview questions beforehand is vital. In particular, preparing for competency-based interview questions will be beneficial. These types of interview questions are a way for your employer to find out how you will handle different situations and how you can apply your knowledge and skills.

To begin with:
                                   - Find out what competencies the employer's looking for
                                   - Identify a few competency questions examples
                                   - Develop a story for each competency
                                   - During the interview be careful not to recite scripted answers as they may not be relevant to the question being asked

Be open to new ways of working
Remote onboarding and remote working have become the new norm. Although that might seem daunting, there are lots of ways companies are adjusting to current circumstances. According to ONS, in April 2020, 46.6% of people in employment did some work at home.

Larger companies will have the technology and resources to allow a suitable work from home experience. They will also have more awareness of different home circumstances, flexibility and styles of working. Therefore, it’s crucial to let your employer know from the start about your needs so reasonable adjustments can be made.

Not looking for a role just yet?
The start of the year provides as much opportunity to grow and develop in your current role. If you’re not in a hurry to change jobs, now will be a great time to set yourself new goals and prepare for your search when the time is right. This may include laying the groundwork for a promotion or asking your manager for extra responsibility.

Define your strengths and weaknesses
Focusing on our strengths will allow you to positively reinforce the things you do well. Think of certain projects or situations where you’ve worked well and the results that these have produced. Naturally, we devote more of our time towards things that we’re good at but sometimes a weakness is merely an undiscovered strength. So, focusing on your weaknesses will allow you improve and reach new goals.

To remember
Whilst a January job search offers lots of potential opportunities, these are not the easiest of times. Competition will be fierce so it’s important you’re able to stand out from a crowded market of other job seekers. Also remember that interview and hiring processes may be extended or delayed due to this competition. Although there can be lots of pressure finding a new job, remain patient and positive with your job search.


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