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Increasing demand for skills in UK Healthcare sector

The latest jobs outlook report from the UK Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) shows that despite low confidence levels in the economy, employers are still looking to recruit staff and Healthcare is the sector with the highest forecast demand.

The demand for permanent staff in all sectors increased to net +19 and the demand within Health and social care increased to +37, compared to last quarter’s figures of +16 and +36 respectively.

However, almost half (46 per cent) of employers of permanent staff expressed concern about finding enough suitable candidates for hire, with Health & Social Care skills being the area they were most concerned about.

Tom Hadley, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the REC, said:

“This survey shows employers are still looking to take on both permanent workers as they seek to maintain stability amidst the Brexit uncertainty. These skills shortages are especially acute in sectors like health and social care.”

The positive demand highlighted in the REC report reflect the findings from Paramount’s insight survey published in June within the Healthcare Communications sector.  The forecast demand within Healthcare Communications (using the same methodology as the REC report) is a net +52.   This shows that the Healthcare Communications sector has a higher than average forecast demand for new staff and continues to demonstrate the challenge for companies in this sector to attract experienced and talented staff.


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30th August

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