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Is contract work for you?

Contract recruitment refers to the recruitment of employees for short-term, temporary employment as opposed to full-time permanent workers. Contract work has gained popularity because of the increasing benefits for both workers and employers.

Although full-time roles work well for most people, it doesn’t work for everyone. You may be studying part time, need an additional income or looking to see where your area of expertise may lie are just some of the reasons you might be looking for contract roles.

Take a look at these benefits of contract work for both employees and employers. 

Benefits of contract work for employees

There is often a high demand for contract workers as larger pharma and biotech companies will recruit staff that will have the relevant technical skills for specific projects. Contractors are exposed to various specialisms and benefit from an increased professional status. You have greater control over your workload and the nature of your work. By working for a range of companies, you’re diversifying your skills based on the industry.

You will have greater control and flexibility. Working arrangements can be adapted to different schedules and needs. There are now lots of options for flexible working as many contractors can work from home, which is popular when it comes to workplace flexibility. 

Contract work allows you to work on new projects and ideas that you wouldn’t normally engage with. This can open up further opportunities for you, leaving you feeling refreshed and equipped with more choices. You’re able to use this to enhance your CV/resume and potentially be retained as permanent staff. If you’re not the type that thrives being tied down and wants to keep your option open, then you may want to consider contract work.

Benefits for companies

The COVID-19 pandemic may have left your projects on hold, so refreshing your workforce with contractual workers brings many benefits. 

You’re able to make your business more efficient and effective with the instant impact of contract employees. The process for hiring contract employees is a lot quicker when compared to recruiting for a permanent position. The main aim to is to be hiring for technical skills to deliver something specific rather than long-term cultural fit.

There are potentially lower long-term labour costs as you do not need to employ full-time staff for each position. In addition, you wouldn’t need to pay for learning and development as contracts and temps have highly specific skillsets.

You reduce the amount of holiday pay you would need to cover. You have control over when staff can take their holidays, so they are not taking holidays when they are required to work.

Check out our contract vacancies

We've seen an increase in the amount of contract vacancies available. You can work with us at Paramount Recruitment where we can continuously place you in positions that match your expertise. 

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27th January

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