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Our Genomics networking event in London

On Wednesday 29th January 2020 we hosted a networking event. This event followed the first day of the Festival of Genomics. The event aimed to bring together various contacts and friends from across the Genomics industry. We’d like to thank everyone who attended our event and hope you found it as useful as we did.

We asked our consultant Jade for her view on the event:

I find so much value in holding our annual networking event, for me personally it is a casual opportunity to meet people I have known for years to re-connect professionally, but also as friends too. One of the nicest things to take away is seeing our connections also benefit from meeting people at the event and going on to forge long term relationships.

At the 2020 event I also saw lots of new faces, my colleagues Harvey and Emilie introduced me to people they have been working with in the ever-growing UK biotech market. I am now focused on our work in the US, but after many years working in the UK I still love to hear what’s happening! It was nice to hear opinions about the Festival of Genomics, BioData in Basel and other events that have taken place recently, as we try and attend as many as possible to stay up to date. 

Most importantly of all, we had a relaxed, fun evening full of laughs and great company. We all work hard together usually having contact by phone/email/skype, so you can’t beat a catch up at a good London pub!

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Below are a few photo’s from the event.


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20th February


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