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Sales & Marketing is highest paid role within Genomics

Sales, Marketing and PR is the highest paid sector within the UK Genomics industry according the Genomics Industry Workforce survey report published this week by Front Line Genomics and Paramount Recruitment

UK workers within sales, marketing and PR have the highest median salary (£47,000), followed by those working in bioinformatics and data science (£44,090).  Workers in product / academic research have median salaries of £36,458 and £35,357 respectively.  Those working in clinical lab services have the lowest median salary of £35,000. The Workforce insights survey compiled responses from 1,235 professionals currently working in the Genomics industry in 48 countries worldwide.

While Sales & Marketing is the highest paid sector, it only represents 6% of the UK Genomics workforce.   The largest area of employment is academics research with 24% of the workforce followed by product research (19%).  Bioinformatics & data science accounts for 16% of the workforce and 10% work within clinical lab services.


The survey showed that, overall, UK workers were paid roughly half of those working in the highest paid countries (Switzerland and USA) and less than Germany and the Netherlands.  On a sector by sector approach, UK workers within clinical lab services are relatively the lowest paid.  The UK clinical services median salary of £35,000 is just 48% of the worldwide median salary in that sector (£73,672).  Workers in sales and marketing receive 73% of the worldwide sector median salary (£64,135) while workers in academic research receive 86% of the worldwide median salary in that sector (£42,572).

Paramount Recruitment Director Eugene McDaid said

“It is no surprise to see that research-based roles are paid less than bioinformatics and sales & marketing roles. The survey identified that salary is not the most important factor for candidates looking for new jobs in this sector. Working environment, location, technology and creativity of projects are all more important factors for UK candidates. However, with significant gaps between salaries paid in the UK and overseas, UK researchers could be tempted to look at the feasibility of relocating to the USA – and this is of concern to UK based genomics businesses.”

 The full report of the survey provides some fascinating details including the gender pay gap in the UK and USA, average salaries earnt within each function/role and the average pay rise anticipated this year.

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15th March

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