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The world is your oyster - looking beyond the UK for your next career move

It is often said that the world is getting smaller – air travel, the internet and advanced communications make it easier than ever for us to build relationships with people and businesses around the globe, and the pharma industry is one sector which has certainly thrived as a global entity. Fancy broadening your horizons with your next career move? If you do, here’s our guide to working abroad:

The Location

Your next job move could literally take you to anywhere in the world. Companies in Europe, North America and Australia all look to recruit talent from the UK, as do companies in Asia, particularly Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Interview

Most first interviews are done by Skype or a similar online meeting platform, at a time which is most convenient for both parties (there may need to be some give or take if there is a time difference). Medical writers will have to complete a writing test too whilst account handlers will most likely have to do some form of presentation. Depending on how far away your potential new employer is, there will normally be an opportunity to fly out and meet them face to face before you sign on the dotted line.

The Relocation

Once you have accepted your new position, you are by no means on your own. Arguably the most daunting part of taking a job in another country is the paperwork and the move itself. Your recruitment agency and your new employer will do all they can to help organise your visa, advise on places to live and help you get set up. If you have a young family they can even advise on schools. Some employers will offer a relocation package as part of your contract, which will help with the financial costs of moving.

The Benefits

Once you are in your new role, you will gain a broader understanding of the pharma industry and how it operates in other countries and markets, which will help to improve your skills and prepare you for your next move up the ladder. And don’t forget that on top of your professional progression, the experience of living in another country and being immersed in a new culture all enhances your personal development too.

The Next Step

A move abroad doesn’t have to be for life. When you are ready, you can return to the UK with an impressive CV and additional market experience that most of your peers won’t have. Or perhaps you might get the bug for exploring new countries, and want to move onto somewhere completely new. The world is your oyster!

Job opportunities with top medical communications agencies don’t just exist on your doorstep, and for candidates prepared to look a little further afield, there are many exciting opportunities to explore. At Paramount, we have a dedicated team of specialists who understand the complexities of placing candidates overseas and can negotiate the process with you to make it as smooth as possible. We have placed candidates all over Europe, in the US and Asia so call us now to see where your skills could take you.

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27th February

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