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Top ten tips to find the right recruiter for you

Choosing the right recruitment agency could be the difference between getting your dream job and never even knowing it was out there. To find your perfect match, we’ve put together our top 10 tips to help you sort the best from the rest:

Recommend a friend – ask your colleagues, friends and family which recruiters they have used in the past and which ones they would recommend. There are lots of great recruiters out there, so it’s a good way to quickly highlight the ones who might be right for you as well as weeding out ones to avoid.

Beware of phishing emails – while LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and also job seeking, it’s also increasingly used to send out phishing emails. Consider carefully before replying to unsolicited ‘in mail’ correspondence for a job opportunity. What does it say about how much the recruiter gets to know its candidates and the care they take in matching people to clients?

Look for industry specialists – bigger is not always better when it comes to recruitment agencies. Some specialist agencies may be smaller, but they could find you opportunities that bigger, more general agencies won’t. A specialist recruiter will also have more insight into your marketplace and be in touch with lots of different companies within the same sector.

The personal touch – as well as being experts in a particular field, boutique recruiters also offer a more personal service so that you feel like you are at the centre of the recruitment process, not just a number to help reach a target.

Career planning vs job search – a good recruiter won’t just find you a job, they will help you plan your career. Even when you aren’t looking, you should be able to speak to your recruiter for updates on the marketplace and advice on the next steps for your career.

Company knowledge – you are reliant on your recruiter’s complete understanding of the company they are pitching you to, so it’s important they have a solid relationship with their clients, as well as with you. They should know all about their clients, their aspirations, the culture and the recruitment process to ensure you are only put forward for the jobs you are right for.

Where is your information being sent? – your recruiter should always tell you when they are sending your details out and to which client. If they aren’t, your details could be pitched to a company you don’t want to work for, or worst still your own company (mistakes do happen!). So make sure your recruiter is open with you about what they are doing on your behalf.

New recruits – don’t be too quick to dismiss young or newly appointed recruiters. They are often better trained, will try very hard on your behalf as they are keen to prove themselves and their work will always be overseen by a more senior member of the team for added peace of mind.

Best for you – a good recruiter understands your needs and your personal situation and would never try to pressure you into taking a job that wasn’t right for you. Similarly, they wouldn’t put you forward for jobs for the sake of it and would say they currently have nothing for you so as not to waste your time. The right recruiter will be honest and always on your team.

Professional memberships – as extra reassurance of the quality of your recruiter, look to see if they are a member of any professional organisations such as REC or APSCo. This will give you a good idea about the standards of practice they work to.

Anyone who has ever used a recruitment company will know that there’s some good ones out there, but also more than a few sharks. Choose carefully and wisely to boost your career prospects and avoid getting bitten by a reckless recruiter.

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9th March

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