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What it is like to work in the recruitment industry

I have been working at Paramount Recruitment as the Operations Manager for almost 18 months, after previously spending almost 20 years within an outsourced contact centre.

On the surface you would think the two industries are quite different but when you look in more detail both have the same goal to provide a quality service to our clients & customers.

Paramount Recruitment is a great place to work, we all work hard but we also reap the rewards of that work.  In the case of the consultants they have a real and genuine opportunity to substantially enhance their earnings through commission; in my time at Paramount  individuals have  earned more commission in a month than some people could earned in a year! Every employee at Paramount is given the chance to become successful quickly and in my experience, they have.

There are a number of key areas we focus on to keep a happy and motivated workforce and I play my part in most of these areas.

Training – From day 1 our trainees are given a weekly plan to work to, our training is over a 3 month period enabling them to be promoted to recruitment consultant at the end of a 3 month training plan, this covers classroom, side by side and job based training.  With the support of their mentor and the trainer.  The quality of our training is second to none.

Quality – The team work to a very high standard and we know that Quality is the Key to our success.  Part of my role involves compliance checks however; it is very rare to find the team have missed anything from a compliance point of view.

Customer Service – When we recruit trainees we are very strict on the criteria holding assessment days that give the candidates a taste of what they have to do on a day to day basis.  A big part of this is customer service and being professional in their manner 

Incentives – We like to have fun at work, incentives are regular, prizes are in and out of working hours, they are funded by the company, they go out to Michelin star restaurants, raft building, to Taste of London at Christmas last year and even to a karaoke bar (which everyone joined in and sang – even me!)  Everyone becomes very competitive when you want to be the winner.

Promotion Prospects – We have an ambitious, competitive workforce who are in recruitment to earn money and the benefits that can give you.  The targets we have can enable the consultants to achieve 2 promotions per annum.


Overall, I have found that the Recruitment industry is a great industry to work in when working for a company that recognise success and nurtures talent like Paramount does. The recruitment industry isn’t an easy career path but I have seen consultants go from trainee to senior in a very short space of time and have also become credible recruiters in their market place. Many recruiters take on average over a year to build a reputable desk – Paramount’s consultants take 6 months at the most. I have seen that with ambition, success is never far away at Paramount Recruitment.

If you could see yourself working in this exciting industry and would like to apply for one of our Trainee Recruitment Consultant positions, then call us on 0121 616 3460 to find out more.

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9th December

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