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Who is expecting a salary increase?

Here at Paramount Recruitment, we have asked our clients and candidates to take part in a variety of different surveys in order to get a better understanding of what is currently happening in the markets we specialise in.

In a survey of current Paramount clients in March 2014, we asked what were the key pieces of market information that would be useful to HR and hiring managers within the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Scientific sectors.
They informed us that the top three areas they would benefit from having knowledge of were:

  • What do candidates think of my Employer Brand?
  • What salary increase are candidates expecting this year?
  • How are companies attracting the best candidates?

In this article we will be showing our results for what candidates are expecting for their salary increase within their sectors. 834 candidates responded to “What salary increase do you expect to receive this year?”

1.4% of these candidates expected a decrease, 27.1% expect no change while 71.5% of candidates are expecting an increase with more than a quarter expecting an increase of over 5%.
The average salary increase expected by all candidates works out at +3.24%.

We asked the candidates to select their main market area so we could see if there were any differences in the salary increase expectations of specific candidate groups. Regulatory Affairs is the skill area who are expecting the highest average salary increase with an increase of 4.28% while Biometrics professionals are expecting the lowest average increase with an increase of 2.28%.

Keep on following us to see the results for “How are companies attracting the best candidates?” the results will be posted out on the 11th August!  Thank you for reading our survey results and please feel free to comment and share!
Written by Christina D’Cruze, Business Apprentice for Paramount Recruitment

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