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Here at Paramount Recruitment, we have asked our clients and candidates to take part in a variety of different surveys in order to get a better understanding of what is currently happening in the markets we specialise in.

In a survey of current Paramount clients in March 2014, we asked what were the key pieces of market information that would be useful to HR and hiring managers within the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Scientific sectors.


They informed us that the top three areas in which they would benefit from having knowledge of were:

  • What do candidates think of my Employer Brand?
  • What salary increase are candidates expecting this year?
  • How are companies attracting the best candidates?In the coming weeks we will be providing the other results which can be accessed via all our social media pages and of course our website.
    The results in this article show what candidates think of our clients’ employer brand, in other words who they would like to work for. Firstly, we asked our candidates to choose the industry they would prefer to work in their next job and were given the following options:
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Clinical Research Organisation
  • Healthcare Communications, PR, Advertising Agency
  • Biotech/Research & Development organisation
  • Medical Devices/Diagnostics business
  • IT/Software consultancy

They were then asked to give each of the leading employers within each sector a score from 0 to 5 for “attractiveness as an employer for you” where 0 was “not attractive” and 5 was “extremely attractive”.


Here are the results for each industry…


Clinical Research Organisations

Healthcare Comms Agencies

Medical Devices/Engineering

Biotech / R & D


Keep on following us to see the results for “What salary increase are candidates expecting this year?” & “How are companies attracting the best candidates?” the results will be posted out on the 21st and 28thJuly!  Thank you for reading our survey results and please feel free to comment and share!

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14th July

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