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Have you ever stopped to wonder whether you are doing a good job? Not in terms of whether you are carrying out your role to the best of your ability or impressing your boss, but a good job. One which is actually making a difference to the world or helping your fellow humans.

As we move through our careers, we often pursue jobs with more money, benefits and status, to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. In an increasingly consumer-driven society, this is becoming the norm.

But for some, real fulfillment isn’t measured in numbers on a pay- cheque. Every year, an estimated 12.7m adults volunteer regularly in England1 and while reasons for volunteering are many and varied, a lot of people volunteer because it offers the chance to give something back to their community or make a difference to the people around them. Something they may not get to do much of in their day job. But what if you could give something back to society, and get paid to do it?

The life sciences sector offers bright, enthusiastic and talented people the chance to make a difference every day and leave a lasting legacy for future generations –the best bit is that you don’t have to be a scientist to work in science.

Yes, there will always be a need for traditionally qualified biologists, physicians and chemists, but there is a growing need for people with other specialist skills to join the ranks too. These include computer programmers, web developers and data analysts to help with big projects like the 100,000 Genomes Project, which is collating huge amounts of data. This data needs to be processed and analysed effectively and efficiently to provide the answers which could transform the lives of people living with cancer or a rare disease.

Right now, there is incredible, ground-breaking work going on in the life sciences sector, and Britain is a powerhouse of innovation and advancement in this field. Backed by private and Government investment, we will stay in global pole position as long as we have the right people to drive the sector forward.

Could your skills contribute to the next big discovery? Candidates for the life sciences and pharma industries come with many different backgrounds and work experiences. For example, data scientists or software engineers with the necessary skills set for a similar role in life sciences actually come from the online gambling, advertising or banking sectors, where dealing with big data and its visualisation and analysis is so important.

Our motivations to work are as individual and complex as we are; we are not all born with the yearning for philanthropy, the will to help humanity. So for those that are looking for a more profound purpose to their life’s work, finding a use for their unique talents is Paramount. And we can help. If you are ready for a change and want to see how your skills could make a difference, call us to find out more on: 0121 616 3460 or drop us a line at

Work is not always about what you get, it can be about what you give back.



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22nd March

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