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Healthcare brand management is a specialist field which deals with the marketing of pharmaceutical products to key stakeholders such as patients, doctors and NHS buyers.

Jobs in brand management in the healthcare sector have a lot of similarities to marketing roles in other sectors; brand managers are required to have excellent communication skills, a creative approach and a strong commercial acumen. This is to ensure they make recommendations and decisions on the brand and marketing of a product which will best influence their target audience. The only difference is that the promotion of pharmaceutical products is heavily regulated, so brand managers need to understand and be able to work within these restrictions.

Developing new products can take years of research and development, so it’s essential that they are launched properly to the market to ensure the investment can be recouped. That’s why pharma companies of all sizes use marketing and brand management in the launch (or relaunch) of their products to give them the best chance of success.

Some pharma companies choose to buy in this experience from specialist creative agencies, while others employ people directly to manage their marketing. Therefore, brand management jobs can be found both inhouse and agency-side, giving job hunters a wealth of opportunities to choose from.

Typical jobs in brand management include entry level positions, such as marketing executives, to brand managers which take a wider, more strategic view of a brand and its products.

The day-to-day role of a brand manager is particularly varied as they have a wide remit encompassing a range of responsibilities. Tasks include creative development of a brand’s identity, overseeing the production of marketing copy, advertising and web copy, organising product launches, road shows and exhibitions, market research and liaising with legal and compliance departments to ensure guidelines are adhered to.

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